Following the COVID-19 outbreak and the imposition of lockdown restrictions the Tetbury Trail is proving to be a valuable local resource for people to get some exercise and fresh air.

Please maintain the 2-metre distancing from other people when you are on the Trail, whether you are walking, running, cycling or riding a horse.

The path along the Trail is often 2½ metres wide particularly nearer to Tetbury so please move to the left-hand side of the path when passing people coming the other way. When overtaking allow the person in front to move to the left before overtaking on the right-hand side of the path.

Where the Trail is narrower please stand off to one side of the path to allow other people to pass or overtake you. Wheelchair and mobility scooter users will need special consideration of course.

Tetbury Town Council has withdrawn the restrictions on people using the benches, picnic table and exercise equipment. However, everyone should note that these items are not being sanitised and their surfaces may pass on infection.

Some gates have been tied open so they don’t have to be handled but others still need to be closed so please leave gates as you find them. Always ensure you wash your hands when you get home even if you think you didn’t touch any surfaces while you were out.