A children’s play area has been planned for the Rail Lands since 1998 when they were first bought for the town. The playground or ‘Play Station’ finally opened on 15th August 2020 after construction and preparation work over the previous month or so.

The playground is located on the far side of the grass area in the parkland near the Goods Shed. It has a railway theme and is (loosely) based on the old Tetbury Station.

The equipment provided is:

  • an engine with a climb through boiler, 

  • an open carriage, 

  • a signal box,  

  • a working signal, 

  • a footbridge,

  • monkey bars

  • a slide, 

  • a climbing wall, 

  • two swings.    

The playground also has two wooden benches for parents that were kindly donated by the Lions. The initials of all those who generously contributed to the project are engraved on the inside of the perimeter fence.

It’s all thanks to Will Cook whose determination to build a children’s playground on the site won out through his committed fundraising and hard work. Other volunteers assisted including Grayham Cleaver who planted out the three flower boxes.