Surfacing improvement work provides disabled access to the newest section of the Tetbury Trail

Following a site meeting with the contractor, Allasso Recycling, work started on 17th February to put an all-weather surface on the section of the Tetbury Trail that crosses the Duchy of Cornwall’s land. This part of the Trail runs from the Newton Hill road to the rear of the Trouble House where it turns right into Grove Park. The work fulfilled the undertaking given when the old rail bed was kindly dedicated as a public right of way by the Duchy in 2018.

The decades of mud and soil were removed from the surface of the Trail and spread on the side of the path. Trees were left where possible and as a result the Trail winds round them instead of being dead straight. Trees that did have to be removed were placed alongside the path to provide wildlife habitats .

The mud and earth were replaced with stone to restore the ground level and compacted to give a firm foundation for the Trail. The Trail looks stark following the surfacing work but it will soon mellow as vegetation grows back in along the sides.

A crushed limestone surface was then laid on top of the stone as has been done on the first section of the Tetbury Trail. This is a natural material that will blend into the landscape over time and is suitable for all types of users.

As well as improving the surface of the Trail so it can be used all year round by walkers, runners, cyclists and horse riders, it will be particularly suitable for wheelchairs, mobility scooters, rollators, prams and pushchairs. The improved section of the trail is flat, without gates and suitable for the elderly and less able who find it difficult walking along rough country paths, up steep slopes, across ploughed fields and having to climb over stiles, walls, electric fences etc.

Our apologies to anyone who was inconvenienced by the surfacing work.

Fundraising for the work started at the end of 2019, carried on right through 2020 and into 2021 which was a difficult time for everyone. Our thanks for their generous donations go to:

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